Benefits of Children's Fairy Tales for the Development of Little

Along with the times, many parents who leave the culture of storytelling for children. Now, parents use digital technology to entertain their children more than storytelling using reading books. In fact, a fairy tale that is told directly from the mouth of the parents is the right entertainment for children. In addition to entertaining, reading children's fairy tales also has many benefits that can help the child's growth and development in the future. Myriad Benefits of Fairy Tales It is not too early to tell stories. Even when your child is still in the womb, you can do this activity. When Little is born, it's better to continue this good habit. It is true, when your newborn Little can not understand your words, but hearing your voice can be the first step to stimulate the ability to hear and recognize the sounds for the Little One. Here are some of the benefits of storytelling for children: Enrich children's vocabulary.Listening to a story can stimulate your c…
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